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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jeff McBridge - Magic on Stage 3 DVD

Jeff McBride has performed around the world in every conceivable venue. Jeff is one of the most versatile performers of our age, from dazzling Las Vegas showrooms and arena/concert halls to cabarets, discos and surrounded on the street. The Commando Act is a practical, powerful, commercial magic show that can be performed in just about any performing situation. Jeff has honed his Commando Act over the past 20 years. Now he teaches you step-by-step, move for move, his entire real world traveling show and gives you all the techniques and presentation tips so you can adapt this show to your own presentational style.

Contents of Volume 1
Welcome to the Series
The Commando Act in
Flash Silk Production
Cane to Ribbon
Comedy Cigarette Stretching
to Rope
The McCut & Restored Rope
Ring on Rope Rhapsody
Commando Ring Routine
(McBride's Linking Ring
Routine) (Kabuki Rings)
The Immortal Coil
Champagne Bottle Surprise
How to Use This Video
The Magician's Journal
The Commando Show in
Theory and Practice
Setting up a Rehearsal Space
Mirror Practice and Video
The En-Trance and Opening
Explanations of:
Flash Silk Production
Vanishing Cane to Silk
Cane Tips & Preparation
Cane Flourishes
The Finer Roll
Down the Shoulder
Across the Back
Inspiration and Motivation
The Commando Show Set-Up
Comedy Cigarette to Stretching
McCut & Restored Rope
Scissor Blade Switch
The Loop Restore
The Panama Rope Trick Finale
McBride's Ring on Rope Rhapsody
Knot off!
Karate Chop
The Hunter Bow Knot
Bow Knot and Ring Finale
Setting Goals
The McBride Linking Rings
Types of Rings to Use
Ring Flourishes
The Finger Spin
The Finger Twirl
The Crash Link
The Routine, Phase 1
The Silent Link
The Changeover
The Pull Illusion
The Gravity Link
The Audience Unlink
Pop Off Unlink
Up the Arm
Another Silent Link
Swinging Unlink
The Routine Phase 2
Chain of Three
Aerial Toss Link
Up the Chain
The Falling Ring
The Routine Phase 3
Ring Figures
The Globe
The Opening Flower
The Stirrup
Twisted Flower
Four Ring Olympic
6-Ring Chain Finale
Jeff's Favorite Magic Books
Bonus Ring Moves
Spinning Link
Finger Twirl
McBride's Centrifugal Force Unlink
Abatar's Spin-Link
Reinhart's Silent Unlink
McBride's Spinning Unlink
Silent Link
Jeff's Ring-Go-Round
Tension and Release
Dan Harlan's Missing Link
Aerial Crash Link
Jeff's Tips on Key Rings
Thumb-Key Link
Jeff on Audience Participation
Jeff on Dealing with Difficult
Jeff on Staging and Blocking
Hat Coil Production
Hat Coil Body Load
Hat Coil Grand Finale
Openers, Middlers, and Closers/
Routining Your Show
Rainbow Mouth Coil - Tips and
Metal Foil Coil
Champagne Bottle Finale
Comedy, Drama, Contract and

Contents of Volume 2
Exotic Magic Onstage in
Cornucopia of Flowers Production
Snowstorm in China
The Silk Road
The Self-Knotting Silks
Silks and Bag Blendo
The Giant Blendo
Egg on Fan
The Chen Lee Water Suspension
Magical Discipline
Creativity and Play
Explanations: Flower Clips, Tips
& Tricks
Cornucopia of Flowers Production
and Technique
Flower Loads and Table Steals
The Mini-Cone Flower Production
Advice on Costumes, Props
and Tables
Silks Gimmicks, Clips and Holdouts
The Basic Silk Roll
The Triangle Fold
Fingertip Silk Production
Silk Popper Production
The Pushout Gimmick
McBride's Powertool Clips
Handling Emergency Situations
The Silk Road Routine
The Production Tube - Construction
and Preparation
Loading Technique for Flower, Silk
Streamers and Confetti
The Color-Changing Streamer
Flower Manipulations and
Play, Practice, Rehearsal,
Performance and Feedback
Transcending Technique
Bare Hand Silk Productions
Palmo Ball
Steals and Changeovers
Aerial Knot
New Vanishing Knot
Advice on Practical Tables
Snap Knot
Self Tying Silks Blendo
Rose to Silk
Care and Feeding of Your Silks
The Egg on Fan
Blocking and Prop Management
Handling Apparatus Magic
Customizing Your Props
The Chen Lee Water Suspension
Snap Silk
Production/Diminishing Silks
Magic & Music Tips
Giant Blendo
Snowstorm in China

Contents of Volume 3
Dancing Cane
Techniques on Threading
& Balancing
The Basic Dance
Around the Body
The Kick Start Opener
Floating and Twirling
Over the Head Finale
The Ideal Routine
Do One Thing Well
The Fountain of Silks Production
Construction and Preparation
Hat Steal and Routine
Fountain of Silks to Giant
The Top Hat Load
The Black Art Chair Load
The Finale Load
Listening to Advice
Gloves to Flowers
Color Changing Silks
Zombie Floating Ball
Gimmicks, Balls, and Silks
The Quick Start Opening
Floating Techniques The Cradle
The Arm Balance
Down the Edge
Around the Arm
Around the Back
Around the Neck
The Double Spiral
Zombie Vanish and Reproduction
Image and Success
Beginning and Ending Your Routine
Bare Hand Floating Ball and
The Floral Finale for Zombie
Making Magic at Home
The Twentieth Century Silks
Cane to Silk
Dare to be Different


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