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Friday, April 2, 2010

Jay Scott Berry - Topit And Pocket

Ready to install in any jacket or vest, Jay Scott Berry's Topits & Pockets Superset has been custom tailored in heavy-duty black satin material to Jay's exacting specifications. Jay's new Topit design eliminates many of the risks and problems traditionally associated with using Topits and has been called the best Topit design ever by none other than Johnny Thompson.

Also included in the set are two JSB Sleeve Pockets-amazing new gimmicks which allow for the instantaneous appearance of coins or any other small object from bare hands! This idea alone has often been said to be worth the price of the lecture on Jay's recent tours.

Finally, the JSB Topits and Pockets Superset also contains the new CD-Rom (PC- and Mac-compatible) with 30 minutes of video instruction by Jay covering everything from basic installation through explanations of what many are hailing as the best Topit work ever. As a special feature, Jay also performs and teaches his highly acclaimed coin routine Spellbinder, a hit of his Illusioneering lectures and showcases.

The JSB Superset kit contains:

  • 2 JSB Topits (right and left)
  • 2 Sleeve Pockets
  • Topits & Pockets CD-Rom


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