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Friday, April 2, 2010

Standing Room Only

With magic for the stand-up and walk-around performer, this 90-minute video features effects that don't require a table. Everything can be performed in the magician's or the spectator's hands. Fifteen routines with cards, coins, rubber bands, sponge balls, rope, finger rings, bills, jumbo cards...even a carpenter's ruler! Contains:

* Chinese Purse - A Chinese coin appears on a rope between two knots!
* Interchange - A stunning in-the-hands four card transposition!
* Jump and Pass - Two selected cards change places with the four kings!
* Imaginary Journey - Four kings assemble in one packet revealing , at the same time, two selected cards!
* Y2K Deck - Your signature and the spectator's signature change places and then both appear on the same card from a totally blank deck!
* Printing Ahead - You print a back on one card, a face on another card, then the two cards melt together forming the selected card!
* Same Time, Same Place - You apparently know, in advance, the card that a spectator will select leaving it reversed in the middle of the deck!
* Half Binding - You borrow a dollar bill, tear it in half and eventually restore it in the spectator's hand!
* Ring Up - A borrowed ring is knotted onto a rope. Magically, the ring becomes free, leaving the knot on the rope!
* Sponge Away - Wonderful magic happens with three sponge balls that pass from your hand to the spectator's! A novel handing for this classic effect.
* Ring Thru -You place a ring on your third finger and the spectator's can see it jump to your little finger!
* King Ko's - A spectator's signature jumps from card to card, duplicates itself, disappears and reappears in your pocket!
* Pyramid Trick - A rubber band finds a selected card!
* Pick Me, Pick Me Not - Two spectators each select a card from a packet of jumbo cards and they are the only two cards with the words Pick Me on the back, while the other cards have the words You Won't Pick Me!
* The Ruler - Wonderful comedy impressions using a carpenter's ruler by folding it into different shapes, ending with the shape of a spectator's selected card!


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