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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Master of Mentalist 3 DVD

Master of Mentalis kaliber dunia, Falkenstein dan Willard akan mengajarkan kepada anda teknik sulap mentalist yang selama ini sangat dirahasiakan dalam dunia sulap. Falkenstein dikenal sebagai mentalis dengan banyak perhargaan dalam dunia sulap. Dalam video ini mereka akan membongkar trik mentalis yang selama ini selalu mereka mainkan dalam penampilannya, baik di panggung, radio dan televisi. Anda akan terkejut bila mengetahu rahasia kesuksesan mereka. Trik-trik mentalis seperti membaca pikiran atau meramalkan sesuatu akan diajarkan langkah demi langkah dan metode yang diperlukan agar berhasil terlaksana. Falkenstein juga akan memberikan banyak tips yang anda perlukan untuk menjadi mentalist sejati! Satu-satunya referensi sulap mentalis terlengkap yang pernah ada!

Trik yang diajarkan :

Volume One
So much more than an act, it's an entire show that can go anywhere, anytime, anyplace! A show that actively involves the audience throughout in the mystery and fun!

Glenn's Blindfold Readings - Glenn's world-famous, 17-minute signature Q&A act. This is the act that launched Glenn's career and has kept him on top for two decades!

Falkenstein & Willard's Award-Winning Two-Way Mindreading Method - A legacy from "The Great Mardoni's." This act demonstrates a rapport which can be developed between couples.

The Gypsy Mystery Rope Escape with Volunteer - A smash finish for any show! Full of mystery and fun, can be performed close-up & surrounded. Leaves the audience astonished and laughing. Calls for a volunteer (ideal if the volunteer is a CEO).

Interview with Michael and Hannah Ammar - Pay close attention while Falkenstein & Willard share a lifetime of tips on showmanship and the psychology of mentalism which has earned them an international reputation as two of the most highly versatile, world-class exponents of mental magic and spirit theatre

Volume Two
Falkenstein 17-minute Blindfold Mindreading Act - For the first time on any video, Glenn Falkenstein reveals his award-winning signature blindfold mindreading act that has kept him at the top of his profession for over two decades. Glenn takes you through a step-by-step demonstration of blindfolds, billets, masks, answering questions, handling volunteers, sidestepping difficult situations, avoiding pitfalls, adapting to various performing situations. Glenn shares priceless tips gleaned over a lifetime of performances, including Getting Booked and RE-booked!

Falkenstein & Willard's Two-Way Mindreading Act - Learn the act called "Fifty Years From Now" as taught by The Great Mardoni & Louise. Frances Willard is introduced and blindfolded by Glenn. Glenn circulates among the audience while Frances describes and names the objects handed to Glenn by spectators. The act concludes with Frances calling out the serial number on a dollar bill. Learn the sure fire method of guessing articles, names, numbers, places, and thought-of questions. This two- person thought transference act demonstrates a psychic rapport between two bonded individuals of like mind.

The Gypsy Mystery Rope Escape - Finally!!! The answer to a magician's prayers. An illusion which can be performed anywhere with little preparation. This act plays big and packs small and is loaded with surprise and laughs using one spectator from the audience. Don't underestimate the impact of this routine as a smash finish for corporate events, private parties, cruise lines, club dates, stage, or TV talk shows. This illusion alone is worth more than the price of the entire video set!

Volume Three
The Princess Mental Card Routine - With a dynamic twist as performed by Frances & Glenn

It's In The Bag - Perfect for parties, easy, effective, sexy and playful!

Out of This World - Test the spectator's ESP ability with a classic card routine.

Divine a Card - Divining rod to find spectator's card.

Ball and Tube as Mental Effect - Demonstrating "Power of the Image" with heat and cold!

Lie Detector - Falkenstein's courtroom game of mental inquisition!

Your Bill for My Bill - A dynamic memory test demonstrated by Frances Willard.

Blindfold Drive Technique & Method - Falkenstein's Blindfold Drive revealed!

Informal Interview - Falkenstein & Willard and Michael and Hannah Ammar discuss the many aspects of mentalism and the Willard the Wizard family magic.

Radio Show Predictions - Methods of obtaining information and handling incoming phone calls for radio and TV talk shows.


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